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what Simex Applications is and how to use it

what is Simex Applications
Simex Applications is both a website and internal search engine that allows users to view videos and slideshows demonstrating the application potentials and capabilities of the Simex product range.
how it is organized
The site is a multimedia archive organized for easy reference according to activities, fields of application or prime movers. The videos or slideshows can be searched and viewed either by using the "external" search tool (Google or other search engine) or the "internal" search tool (at apps.simex.it or the Simex company website www.simex.it)
how it works
After performing the search (internal or external, whichever is used) the videos or slideshows are displayed along with a product description. The Simex company site (www.simex.it) and Simex Applications site (apps.simex.it) are parallel and integrated; the visitor who enters one website has access to the other and vice versa.
how to find it
Users can find the new site through Google or other search engine and entering the activity, field of application or prime mover, or else by entering the address apps.simex.it from the company website or clicking on the icon "go to Simex Applications".
keep informed
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