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TF: outstanding performance in Alaska

ConocoPhilipps has been in Alaska for over 50 years and is one of the oil companies that boasts long experience in the extraction of oil and natural gas in the Arctic amid the harshest logistical and weather conditions. The oil fields of Kuparuk and Alpine, located in the extreme north of Alaska in the North Slope region, are very important and together guarantee an average output of over 72,000 barrels a day. The two sites are undergoing continuous... lis

Publié février 2014

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Success in the Philippines

Last September, Simex was an exhibitor at the Philconstruct trade exhibition in the Philippines together with our local dealer. The trade fair validated the Philippine market's strong interest in Simex products and verified the prospects of excellent growth margins. In commenting, Alex Chan, IPE's owner, had this to say: "This fair is the most important exhibition in the whole country. We received excellent feedback regarding our market's... lis

Publié février 2014

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New horizons for distribution in the Arab Emirates

Since early 2013, QBC Heavy Equipment has been representing Simex in Qatar. The partnership marks an important step that reflects our determination to explore new markets. As part of its plan to expand into new markets, Simex has teamed up with QBC Heavy Equipment Division, a leading distributor of earthmoving machine and equipment in Qatar. To grasp the importance of this move and the relevance of the Qatar market, we spoke with Issa Kopty, General... lis

Publié octobre 2013

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Simex, a solution for the stabilization of small areas

Performing stabilization with lime and cement is essential when constructing embankments in the presence of soils that do not guarantee sufficient lift, even after compaction. The principle is to mix natural soil with the binder, making use of the relative humidity present, or adding pre-determined quantities of water. Usually stabilization involves the use of large machines that are able to work on extensive surfaces and mixing the soil to depths... lis

Publié octobre 2013

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VSE new horizons for screening

Bauma 2013 served as a launch pad for Simex's new VSE 40 screening bucket, the only model on the market to allow a variable and continuous output size ranging 15 to 45 mm of the selected material thanks to a special mechanism currently undergoing patent approval. The new screening bucket, due on the market from September 2013, is an ideal complement to the range of CBE crusher buckets. As a result of the innovative solutions studied and patented... lis

Publié juin 2013

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Rail tunnel to the Simplon Pass reinforced in record time

With a length of 2,996 meters, the Varzo spiral tunnel is part of the Domodossola-Iselle-Briga line that crosses the Alps through the Simplon tunnel (19,803 meters long). The project to reinforce the Varzo tunnel, concluded on August 12th, is part of a broad spectrum of works that the Varzo-Iselle line have undergone over the last two years. One of the major challenges was to cut into the crown of the tunnel approximately 20 cm deep and 40 cm... lis

Publié décembre 2012

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TF for assured productivity

The success of our rotary cutters is also due to the high reliability of these attachments. One feature certainly contributing to their performance is the high displacement hydraulic piston motor delivering improved efficiency and exceptional torque. The limited number of moving parts, thus the reduced possibility of wear and breakdown, together with optimum operation without the need for any scheduled lubrication, means significant advantages... lis

Publié décembre 2012

Performer: Constant Performance Monitoring

The Simex Performer performance optimizer is a device that indicates real-time functioning of the attachment being used by the operator. The hydro-mechanical device, whose patent is nearing completion, marks a real innovation because it allows the operator to view the optimum pressure in order to achieve the best output of the equipment. Ease-of-use, high efficiency Performer offers easy, intuitive use thanks to a self-calibrating system that adapts... lis

Publié juin 2012

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Simex Down Under

Since 2009, Simex has been marketing its products in Australia through its dealership TRASMIN, a company that stands out for large sales volumes, level of service and ability to provide a response to the needs of its clients in full reflection of the Simex spirit. Encouraged by its own clients, TRASMIN recently asked our Technical Dept. to find a solution to a special application requirement, specifically for the road network that crosses the desert... lis

Publié juin 2012

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Simex PL-SG to scarify under guardrails

Milling and finishing requirements have changed in recent years and are still evolving every day. Our work to design and construct machinery has focused on these new developments and our research has led to a highly effective solution. We became aware of the need for a special type of planer, a versatile attachment that could mill directly under guardrails, or when leaned flat against the guardrail, to mill exactly on the same plane. The planer... lis

Publié janvier 2012

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Eleven T 600 wheel excvators on the job in Turkey

Topaz, a company of Cukurova Holding, one of Turkey's most important groups, is active in the telecommunications industry. The company constructs and manages a fibre optic network that extends throughout the country, linking major cities. Topaz also provides for the design, application for permits, as well as construction of the network. The company recently completed a job to lay the new backbone running between the cities of Adana and Gaziantep,... lis

Publié janvier 2012

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A major customer support

When we talk about assistance we usually associate it with the concept of maintenance or repairs, but the service delivered by Simex is much more than that. We discussed the aspects of service with Maurizio Fantoni, one of the five technicians on the task force assigned to this important activity. What exactly is the concept of service at Simex? "Service has always represented a very broad concept for us. It encompasses equipment... lis

Publié octobre 2011

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Self-levelling planers

This system has been featured on SIMEX planers for several years and is patented in main countries. The operating principle is simple, efficient and provides an aid to the operator, who no longer has to be concerned with maintaining the planer horizontal ( from the driver's seat the operator has no view of the slides). The SELF-LEVELLING system automatically aligns the lateral slides to the ground given that. Other producers offer this feature... lis

Publié octobre 2011

Simex plays part in Turin rail link

Turin's new underground rail link is a major infrastructure project for the city. Thanks to a TF 600 and TF 1000 Simex will be making an important contribution to the tunnel's construction. The Milan-Turin rail link is one of the most important nationally and it plays a strategic role for the city of Turin's transportation system. At the Corso Mortara work site, Faore Scavi Srl is operating as subcontractor to complete a lot of the... lis

Publié octobre 2011

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First crusher bucket in Texas

In early September, the first Simex CBE 50 crusher bucket was sold in Texas for installation on a 50-ton excavator. This revolutionary Simex product is being marketed in the United States under the brand Eco-Crusher. Eco-Crusher is our exclusive importer for the U.S. The company does a first-rate job representing Simex, thanks to the hard work of its general manager Larry Giberson, who has been in the field of crusher buckets for over six years.... lis

Publié octobre 2011

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